Nifty Trades and Ideas for the Indian Stock Market


Trade Idea: Short Equitas below 127.5
1) Head and Shoulder on the Daily with neck-line at 127.5-128
2) Strong move lower of 4.5% creating a dark cloud candle
3) Moving Averages above the head of the candle and not too extended

Equitas Daily Chart
Equitas Daily Chart


Trade Idea: Short Jindal Steel below 174.5
1) Price Rejection on break of highs
2) Swift move lower after testing new highs
3) Threatening to break pivot at 175
4) Moving Averages lined up to the head of the candle

Jindal Steel Daily Chart
Jindal Steel Daily Chart


The above analysis is done based on Chart Technicals for stock market predictions

Disclaimer: This in no way in an investment advice. Please take trades as per your own understanding. Use your money wisely. The author may have a position in the mentioned securities and this is to be treated as educational material only.

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