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of My Customers

What if I told you that according to different financial experts bitcoin might hit from $100,000 to $500,000 per bitcoin in 15-25 years from now. Still not sure? Feel free to contact me for a consultation!
Total USD:

$615 780

Total BTC:


BuyEthereum 5,10% 15.04.2018
sell Ripple 14,80% 15.04.2018
sell Bitcoin 60% 13.04.2018
Buy Bitcoin 13,80% 12.04.2018
Buy Ripple 80% 11.04.2018
Buy NEO 15% 10.04.2018
sell Litecoin 45% 09.04.2018
Buy Ethereum 34% 08.04.2018
sell Bitcoin 12% 07.04.2018
Buy Bitcoin 10% 06.04.2018

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